Operating System Marriage.

Dear Technical

A year and a half I changed the program [Bride 1.0] by [Wife 1.0] and found that the program has generated an unexpected application called Bebê.exe occupying too much space on HD.

On the other hand, the Esposa1.0 installs itself into all other programs and is loaded automatically when I open any application.

Applications such as [Bier_whit_the_friends 0.3], [nigth_of_spree 2.5] or [sunday_of_Futebol 2.8], no longer work, and the system hangs so I try to load them again.

In addition, from time to time a hidden executable (virus) called [Mother in Law 1.0] appears, abruptly ending the execution of a command.

I can not uninstall this program. Nor can I reduce the space occupied by [Wife 1.0] when I'm running my favorite applications.

Not to mention also that the program [Sex 5.1] disappeared from the HD.

I would like to return to the program I used before, [Bride 1.0], but the [Uninstall.exe] does not work properly.

Could you help me? Please!

Ass: Sorry User


Dear User,

Your complaint is very common among users, but is due, in most cases, the concept of a basic mistake: many users migrate from any version [1.0 Bride] to [Wife 1.0] with the false idea that it is a Application of entertainment and utility. However, the [Wife 1.0] is much more than that: it is a complete operating system, designed to control the entire system!

It is almost impossible to uninstall [Wife 1.0] and return to a version [Bride 1.0], because there are applications created by [Wife 1.0], like [Filhos.dll], which could not be deleted, also occupy much space, and do not run without [Wife 1.0].

It is impossible to uninstall, delete files or empty the programs after they are installed. You can not return to [Bride 1.0] because [Wife 1.0] was not programmed to do so.

Some users tried to format the entire system then install the [Bride Plus] or [Wife 2.0], but they had more problems than before.

Please read the 'General Care' refers to 'alimony' and 'childcare' software [marriage].

One of the best solutions is the command [SORRY.EXE / flowers / all] as soon as the slightest problem or crash the program. Avoid excessive use of [ESC] (escape).

To improve the profitability of [Wife 1.0], recommend the use of [Flores 5.1], [Férias_No_Caribe 3.2] or [Jewelry 3.3]. The results are quite interesting!

But never install [Secretária_De_Minissaia 3.3], [Antiga_Namorada 2.6] or [Turma_Do_Chopp 4.6], they do not work after being installed [Wife 1.0] and can cause irreparable damage to system problems.

With respect to the program [Sex 5.1], forget it! This quer.Se wheel when you have sought technical support before installing [Esposa1.0] orientation is: NEVER INSTALL [1.0 WIFE] not sure that it is able to use it!

Ass: Technical

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